Below is a collection of FMV work for various games, movies, and TV.
Lead a team of 14 artists to create this FMV for Mircorsoft's/Digital Anvil's Freelancer. I also worked on several of the shots from start to completion as well as several 3D models and VFX work.
Working with a very talented team of artists, and game developers, I art directed this update to the very popular Conquest, a PC game by Microsoft/Digital Anvil. In addition to art direction, I also created several backgrounds, planets, and ships. Managed a team of 12 artists to complete this update
While working at Digital Anvil, I worked with Paul Steed on this into animation. I was the sole animator on this project. I had a deadline of 2 1/2 weeks to complete this intro. In addition to animation, I handled lighting, particles, and compositing for most of the shots.
Worked with a team of artists at Digital Anvil to complete this intro sequence for Conquest Frontier Wars. I handled everything from character animation to lighting, texuring, and compositing.