John Paul Sommer


John Paul Sommer
20609 Fairleaf St.
Pflugerville, TX 78660
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  • Strong Visual Design Development and Creative Design Direction abilities
  • Experienced in all facets of asset creation for VR/AR, NextGen Console, PC, Mobile, and Web Games.
  • Excellent troubleshooting and technical support abilities
  • Experienced in rapid prototyping and idea visualization
  • Excels in developing and motivating highly focused art/production teams
  • Brand/Licensing/IP relationship management
  • Operational Leadership/Agile software development - Scrum Certified
  • Accomplished and Goal-Orientated with TEAM focused leadership traits


•Gravity Sketch
•Oculus Medium
•3D Max
•Substance Painter
•Adobe Creative Suite CS6/CC
•MS Office/MS Project/Visio
•Sony Vegas/Final Cut


Company: Mutual Mobile
Date: Nov ’16 - Present
Position: VP of XR 
Duties:  In short, my role as VP of XR for Mutual Mobile’s is to build a world class XR (Extended Reality) Team.  My primary responsibilities include: Delivering award winning XR experiences for all of Mutual Mobile’s clients, including Toyota, Walmart, Nestle, Lockheed Martin, Royal Caribbean and many others. I'm also responsible for building an efficient and talented team of developers, producing design goals for projects, establishing and maintaining experience targets, initiating XR business pursuits, business development strategy, providing guidance for XR marketing efforts, and ensuring our projects meet or exceed our client's expectations.

Company: Gyoza Games
Date: May ’16 - May '19
Position: CVO
Duties:  As Chief Visual Officer, I’m solely responsible for every aspect of visual design for Gyoza Games.  Beyond visual design, I’ve worked closely with our team to develop business strategy, game designs, outsourcing, project management, and business development.  My efforts have directly contributed to Gyoza Game’s success in launching a VR game on Steam in just over 7 weeks.  In addition to VR development, I’ve co-developed 2 mobile games that are releasing on iOS and Android in the fall.

Company: EA Mobile Games
Date: Sept ’12 - April ‘16
Position: Franchise Art Director
Duties:  Franchise Art Director for Minions Paradise team of 10-20 artists across multiple projects. Responsibilities include: Creating visual assets to secure 5 year contract with Illumination Entertainment.  This included visual design for prototypes, concepts and style guides for brand approval, as well as developing and maintaining approval pipelines through production.  Developing art production pipelines, improving aesthetic quality and performance, providing aesthetic direction for new digital content, managing career paths and growth opportunities for artists, recruiting new talent, provide creative support for our design team, created collateral for marketing efforts and tradeshows, scheduling resources to balance multiple project’s content requirements, developing outsource channels for high bandwidth content creation,  building and maintaining communication with other EA mobile artists and teams across multiple studios. Lastly, maintained and upheld brand quality bar in every aspect of Minions Paradise to create a 4.5 star rating on IOS and Android, as well as a top 10 free to play game on IOS.

Company: Zynga
Date: Dec. ‘11 - Sept. ‘12
Position: Art Director for The Ville
Duties: Managed and directed a team of 28 artists to create a “people and house” builder game for Zynga. Helped to develop consistency in style, cultivated agile development for the art team, helped improve moral, created a healthy work/life balance for my team, improved motivation and output, helped manage and maintain production with outsource groups for animation and UI tasks, worked with PM’s to create events and build valuable assets to improve monetization. Worked closely with other studio leadership to have a successful worldwide launch that lead to a 54MMAU and $280k/day revenue.

Company: Total Immersion Software, Inc. (TIS)
Date: March ’09 - Oct. ‘11
Position: Art Director
Duties: Art Director for a team of 10 artists across multiple projects. Responsibilities include: Developing art production pipelines, improving existing content aesthetic quality and performance, providing aesthetic direction for new digital content, managing career paths and growth opportunities for artists, recruiting new talent, business development support on proposals, designing and creating collateral for marketing efforts and tradeshows, scheduling resources to balance multiple project’s content requirements, developing outsource channels for high bandwidth content creation, building and maintaining communication with other TIS artists and teams across multiple studios. Lastly, responsible for creating branding identity for TIS' external presence.

Company: Midway Games, Austin
Date: May ’06 – Dec ‘08
Position: Art Director
Duties: Art Director for a NextGen XBOX 360/PS3 Open City Game. Responsible for all aspects of art direction on the project including recruitment, and managing/mentoring a team of 35 artists to establish career path and artist development. Created pipelines for working with our Central Outsourcing Group to facilitate outsourcing efforts. Provided creative direction and design to help facilitate a triple “A” quality game. Collaborated with several Midway studios to facilitate asset, level sharing and cross-pollination of technology and techniques to reduce overhead, minimize new asset creation reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. Senior lead artist on several prototype teams to launch new product ideas.

Company: Gizmondo/Warthog/Feverpitch Studios
Date: Feb. ’02 – Jan. ‘06
Position: Art Director
Duties: Directed 14 artists working on projects for XBOX, PC, and the Gizmondo. Some titles include: Shadow of the Ring (Universal, Black Label Games (PC)) Conquest 2(PC), Johnny Whatever, (XBOX-Demo) Fallen Kingdoms, (PC), and Hit and Myth (Gizmondo) Developed art techniques for hand-held mobile device to maximize quality while maintaining performance. Established brand identity for projects and the studio. Influenced design, technology, and engineering to transition graphics from XBOX to the Gizmondo.

Company: Rhonda Graphics
Date: May ’01 – March ‘01
Position: Senior Animator/Generalist
Duties: Animator on Musicland Band. Examples available at Worked on the Arizona Diamondbacks’ commercial, and World Series Championship opening animation for their home stadium. Provided storyboarding and scene blocking as well as character development.

Company: Wizards of the Coast
Date: Sept. ’00- March ‘01
Position: Senior Animator
Duties: Senior Animator for Dungeons and Dragons Online. Developed prototype character motion for various D&D creatures and characters. Created cinematic trailers for promotion and proof of concept. Provided proxy animation to test combat and playable arenas.

Company: Digital Anvil/Microsoft
Date: Feb. ’98 – Sept. ‘00
Position: Various- Lead Environment Artist / Animator / Cinematics Art Director
Duties: Real-time environment and vehicle modeler for Microsoft's Brute Force for X-Box. Worked as a Real-time Modeler and animator on Freelancer. Promoted to Art Lead on Freelancer's in-game visual effects. Promoted to Art Director for Freelancer's Intro Cinematics. Art directed a team of 12 artists over a period of 10 months to create a 7-minute full motion cinematic movie. Created Schedules, organized meetings, worked with budgets, planned and prioritized milestones for the completion of the intro. Lead FMV Artist on Wing Commander the movie, supervised 7 artists to produce MFD displays for cockpits and holographic HUD's as well as various 3D ships.

Company: Rainbow Studios/THQ
Date: Jan. ’95- ‘97
Position: Modeler/Animator/Generalist
Duties: Animator for Blue Planet the Movie. Real-time artist on Sierra’ Baseball Pro ’99. Completed several tests and prototype ideas, and also worked on commercials for Intel. Other projects include Motocross Madness, Deadly Tide, the Hive, and Ravage.

Company: JVC Multimedia
Date: Jan. ’94- ‘95
Position: Animator
Duties: Character animator for "Iron John Hawk", a PC title. Promoted to Project Art Lead after 3 months.

Company: Softie, Inc.
Date: ’91- ‘92
Position: 2D Animator/Generalist
Duties: Traditional animator converting 2D 16-color graphics to 256-color graphics. Worked on projects: Name that Tune, Classic Concentration, and Family Feud.


•Gnomon: Course of Study: Character construction and Animation in MAYA
•Al Collins Graphic Design School: Course of Study: Graphic Design and Animation.
•Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University: Course of Study: Aeronautical Science.

Hobbies and Interest

Aerobatics, Radio Control Airplanes, Photography, Animation, Oil Painting, and Volleyball, Triathlon and endurance sports.